Who’s That Girl? Noël!

The first addition to the Noël collection for WTG since their debut four years ago! Noël Autumn/Winter 2007! Also the Selfish Winter collection is on the dark side as well. Yay!


I’m in love with the the Goth-Slavic-Bohemian winter look. Very different! I hope they have this stuff at LA Dolpa. And that reminds me… I’m so excited for Dolpa! Volks spoiled us with all those tea parties last year, I’ve gone into withdrawal. It is a good thing though, I would have been completely punished as this year we’ve been so busy/harassed.

2 thoughts on “Who’s That Girl? Noël!”

  1. I’m rather excited for Dolpa myself, but also a bit nervous. I’ve never been to any Volks event before and I’m afraid I’ll probably get fixated on something and never manage to see everything. Are you getting any of the gems? I could kick myself for not getting Amelia, but these two aren’t calling to me. Which is probably good, what with Christmas looming. Still, it seems sad to finally be able to attend a Dolpa and not want the LE offered. I guess I’ll just have to try that much harder for the one-of. 🙂

  2. Oh yay, you’re coming! Please introduce yourself if you see me ^_^
    I totally get ADD at these events, there’s never enough time! This one, at two days, will seem so luxurious.
    The Gem girls aren’t my style, I wish they had released Masha at the LA event, heh. But I’ve totally got happy pants over the BtSSB outfits, and at that price, its good I’m not going for a doll.
    Unless the perfect one-off is there. Oy!

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