Who me?

If you think living with Biscuit is all peaches and cream. Well, you’d be wrong.
Woke up to this, this morning:

Come, look closer. Reeeeal close:

Sigh. Spent an hour organizing my cd’s. Neither of these pictures are posed. He’s 13 months. When will it end?

9 thoughts on “Who me?”

  1. Heh heh heh heh. Oh what a little devil. And of course he managed to escape the CD tower’s fall without harm – how do they do that? Sigh, that age is….trying, certainly. It will end. In about two years. Hopefully.
    Mine is sixteen and I woke up to a bloody trail across the kitchen floor. Still haven’t found the wee body. So maybe it never ends?
    And woooot! The Glove!

  2. I know how it is Becky, I have a 6 months old puppy who is destroying my house, but he is so cute…
    Give him some time, after 2 years they get a lot better.

  3. Oh god..we have to wait 2 YEARS? My cat’s 11 months old and she does shit like this EVER MORNING. The temptation to strangle her little life out of her grows with each mess I have to clean up…

  4. I wouldn’t be laughing so hard … but I can see his wee little toy mouse in the middle of the second picture. As if he dragged it into the middle of the mess, and is looking at you like “Mousie did it. See? He’s right in the middle of it!”

  5. It doesn’t end.
    Our cat acts like an angel, then whammo!
    It looks like a tornado hit.
    He hasn’t outgrown it, yet when I sit and try to entice him to play with one of his toys he gives me the :
    “Oh please…I am too mature to be playing with that.” look….then when I least expect it, he’s become the velvet pawed tornado yet again.

  6. Ha! The look on his preciously GUILTY face in that first pic is golden.
    My kitties are surprisingly mellow – but we do have a loooong hallway that they tear up and down at various hours, guess that keeps them from wrecking the stuff in our house.

  7. BIZKIT!! He looks proud of himself in that 2nd picture. At least he didn’t leave a tootsie roll for you in the bathroom sink like my little guy did the other morning~~P.U.

  8. I had so many cats in Years… The only one that stayed is Belle my 10 years old “ecaille de tortue”. Every one of them did that sort of thing…Maybe I am not patient enough or I had a REALLY hard time with the others.
    Puce was destroying everything she could ((litterally). I’ve lost doll because of her(sigh). But like everyone have said… 2years and then its better!…usually!

  9. I know how you feel. My cat used to shit in my sink and bathtub all the time. She would also tear up any wooden surface she found. Too bad she’s dead, though…. I miss her…. *sigh*

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