War is bad, m’kay.

Tearful rant for the evening:
“We storm in there with our McDonald’s hamburgers and our heat-seeking moisture missles and we say ‘have a bite of democracy! we know you want it, c’mon! eat it! eat it!’ Meanwhile we’ve disturbed a nest of fire ants and we don’t know what the fuck to do with it. We’re the big ugly American country. How embarrassing!” Tears streaming down my face I turn to kitty and say, “Biscuit, your mama is a bleeding heart liberal!” in my best Sissy Spacek accent.
Hormones much?
It didn’t help that in the middle of the final episode of “Island at War” I had been watching just prior to this outburst, Mr. Kallisti informed me that Hunter S. Thompson has killed himself.
I feel so devastated.
That is all I can think. Meanwhile, I’ve gone from looking like Clara Bow (fresh cut and dye today) to Carol Burnett as Miss Hannigan… pretty, pretty?