Upgraded MT to 3.12

I was a brave girl and upgraded my blog software. It didn’t overwrite my old templates and I am grateful. Still, there is plenty of tweaking to do in order to take advantage of new features.
One is the comments. I’ve enabled comment approval for the time being. And I’ve also enabled Typekey, MT’s registered comment system. All you need to do, presumably, is register with Typekey, then you’ll be able to post sans approval on my blog, and any others using MT 3.x.
But I’m not sure how that works yet. But the new system already has one hand entered spam in my holding tank, so I’m already grateful! Woo.
Also, LJcrosspost seems to work as long as you use the old static archives, as opposed to the new fangled php served pages. So, this is happy making.
Please report any anomalies you run across. I’ll be fixing/putzing over the next week to get this tweaked properly.
Thanks to all!

3 thoughts on “Upgraded MT to 3.12”

  1. Yeah! You got the upgrading done! I hope this will help eliminate the spam. Taking the Post button off will slow down their attempts! You should still install Blacklist!

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