4 thoughts on “Um. Yes.”

  1. Finally, there’s an attempt at making the public realize what kind of girl guys REALLY like. No, not the anorexic skeleton girls with six-packs that you usually see in magazines, but the chubby girls with curves. Being a guy, it breaks my heart that girls my age would rather trust the media than other guys when it comes to wanting to know what guys are attracted to. If today’s young girls want to know what guys like, then they need to stop paying attention to Hollywood and START EATING.

  2. *sings* I like big butts and I cannot lie!
    Well, it’s sad to say this, django747, but alot of guys follow hollywood/media in what the idea of beauty is too. If I had a dime for every time I was turned down because of my ‘curves’ I’d be able to hire my own manservent. >:}
    *wiggles her bum* ooahh it’s jiggly! I like the jiggly!

  3. ~Baby’s got BACK!!~
    Ass is making a comeback. But sadly, most guys who PREFER curvey girls will lie & say they don’t. Schmucks!!
    ~Red beans & rice didn’t miss me!~

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