Um. Wow.

Amazon rocks.
They have dildoes. Honest.
I was looking for, er, something else. By “Johnson & Johnson” and came up with a page of sex toys. Personally I’m interested in the 6″ E-Z Rider Ball Vac with VAC-U-LOCK System. Yeah. Check out the customer review!
“We had a lot of trouble with this item. First, it’s bounces somewhat irregularly, and on 2 ocassions it got caught in the net. However, on the plus side, slam dunks are much easier to perform with the extra handle provided, and there seems to be the side benefit that the basketball court clears immediately the second I take it out.”

2 thoughts on “Um. Wow.”

  1. LMAO! Oh my god, that is hilarious! Now *that’s* basketball! I wonder if the council at the Olympics will be switching ball types anytime soon? *g*

  2. …wow. Amazon is branching out. And what a lovely, inconspicuous way to get sex toys! Yay for signature box packaging! o_O
    “What’s that?”
    “Oh, just some books I ordered.”

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