I got my first stupid negative feedback on ebay. GRRRRRRRRRRR.
Some girl didn’t get her volks body, she emailed me after 2 weeks and I said wait a week and if you still don’t have her I will refund. She said she’d wait til June 1st. June 1st comes and goes and no sign from her. I’d hoped she’d gotten her doll. So I email her back asking if she’d gotten it with a nice note saying I just wanted her to be happy. Today I scanned my feedback and she’d left this:
never got the doll poor communication
Poor communication!?!?! I responded to EVERY email, and my first response was that I was willing to give a refund. @*#&@^^%#@~!!!
I had perfect feedback.
I did a response and a followup, and wrote her a calm but terse email. Well, I think I only said “ass” once.
godess207, you are a bad person and may your pillows smell like old trout for all eternity.

One thought on “Ugh!”

  1. Welcome to the club! ^^;;;
    There are so many buyers and so many transactions per day, we are always the preys of unreasonable / non-paying buyers. As long as you put a response explaining what happened people usually understand.

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