Two more commissions!

Because Melissa rescues the sweetest babies in dire need of beauty treatments.


Left: Love Mission, Right: Silver Snow

Left: Silver Snow. Rethatched hair as bangs had been completely brushed back into hair, washed and styled hair (she came as a strawberry blonde) & finished sand matting face. Removed lips and repainted. Painted/glittered eyelids. Removed scalp and corrected downward gaze, changed out eyechips and replaced with P-chips that Melissa had foiled.
Right: Love Mission. Trimmed Blythe mullet to long bob that is longer by the face. Removed existing makeup, added smokey grey shadow, Repainted lips, shimmered eyelids. Matted face with Mr. Super Clear. Scalped and switched out eyechips for foiled P-chips. Added gothy eyelashes.

Also, my Flora shipped today. TREATS!

2 thoughts on “Two more commissions!”

  1. Temptress! …I mean…another fabulous job on the Blythe make overs…I shall try to resist buying a Blythe…for now… *wrings hands*

  2. HI! ^^ i go to buy a mini blythe ^^ and i like change the make up, What paint you use for your Blythes?

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