Two Commissions


Originally a Pow Wow. Melissa brought her to me with her hair already cut, and half of her eyechips foiled. I matted her w/ Mr. Super Clear, used emerald to tone down her eyeshadow, enhanced her blush, painted on freckles, and gave her deep russet lips. Oh, and she has bright pearly frosty green eyeliner that is very striking!

It was a long and strenuous haul, but look at these girls! Commissioned by Melissa, who has the good fortune to live five minutes from me. And the project was saved by another Melissa (of when we boiled the eyelid stalk (instead of soaking in warm water) and warped them beyond repair. So I donated by unfinished frupu’s lids and sent them off to Puchimadam Labs for special treatment and eyelash insertion. And Melissa was kind enough to donate an extra ebl pair for my frupu! Can you just feel the love?
In any case, I hope Melissa (non-puchi) will be just as tickled with her girls as I am.

Oh my gawd. What is it about Hollywoods that is so precious!?!? This hair is just a wig, but rumour has it that her mumma is rooting her scalp with pink hair. So we went for cotton candy pinky pink explosion. Same as above except her whole eyelid is pearly magenta.

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  1. The pink eyeshadow on the restyled Hollywood looks great! I’ve never found out how to redo eyeshadow? Any tips? I’d really appreciate it ^_^

  2. To get it looking really authentic, you need an airbrush and a lot of practice.
    But I just use Mr. Super Clear and chalk pastels.
    You use really fine sand paper to remove the shadow, then coat w/ Mr. Super Clear, then brush on your color, then Coat w/ Mr. Super Clear again.

  3. Hello !
    Your pow wow customized blythe looks fantastic. I’m planning to paint some freckles on one of my Blythes, please could you tell me wich kind of paint you use ? That would be really helpful, I wouldn’t want to damage her.
    Thank you very much ,

  4. The hollywood looks so pretty with the magenta eyelid. so pretty that my blythe is jealous!

  5. Hello again…
    I have one more question, because I also LOVE the green eyeshadow/eye-liner on the red haired PowWow… I’ve heard pastels could be used. Is that what you used and how can you fix it ?
    Thanks very much again,

  6. the shadow was done with pastels and sealed with Mr. Super Clear. The eyeliner was done with acrylics, but you have to sand the eyeholes otherwise they’ll scrape the paint off when you open/close her eyes.

  7. Oh I love the Hollywood’s pearly eyelids, it looks amazing. Beautiful close up shot as well-looks a treat w/the hair.

  8. Hiya… I’ve just come across your page while searching for ways to customize my Blythe. Looking at your pictures, you’ve done a fantastic job on your girls! I have a ILYIT (Aiko) and a VM (Yuzuyu) so naturally I am looking for ways to make them beatiful! I have a bunch of questions if you don’t mind…! The Mr. Super Clear spray you use – is it permanent? I wanted to sand their faces down but I’m not confident with re-doing their blush or any of their make-up for that matter >_<! I’m not looking to do anything major as I am afraid to murder my girls! Also I am from the UK and there doesn’t seem to be anyone over here who could help me! Any tips with what I could do to them without taking them apart? I really want them to look a natural in front of the camera. Thanks!

  9. Mr. Super Clear Matte is a permanent fixitive spray that gives a really nice matte surface and seals on the paint job. It is not allowed in the US really so is hard to get. I order it by the case from though ^_^
    Check, she has a ton of good tutorials in the “lab” about customizing Blythe!
    Good luck!

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