thinking of kitty

Well, we spent the lunch hour passing out flyers on the 3 blocks on our street. We’ll hit the neighboring street later so we can get some work done *wink*. Met some lovely neighbors, including one who lives in my favorite jordan almond green bungalow. She looked just like Ann Miller from “Mulholland Drive” and was the sweetest thing. She said she would have been doing the same thing and was very appreciative that we were such “good kids” (snort). I love her.
Down the other block though we heard some unsettling news from neighbors. Apparently there was a cat lady in one of the apartment buildings and the landlord told her to get rid of them. Instead of turning the beasties into a shelter or rescue agency she just stopped feeding them and threw them outside. I’m fearing that someone might have then put out poison. One neighbor said she would talk to the lady and see if she recognized Fluffy. I told her it was ok if she didn’t want her, but we’d like to know we can stop searching. Hopefully the news from the vet will be better tomorrow.
Zoink! Just as I was writing this a nice gent called to figure out if it was his cat that he lost a month ago. No go, she was a tabby. But he said he thinks he’s seen Fluffy on the block in the last week and she looked healthy. Keeps looking more and more like poison.
So I was sitting her at home processing spam (for work) and feeling bad for kitty when I realized I was surrounded by kitten love.
Zman, my ole lady, will only sleep under my desk now, to be as close to me as possible, so we moved her bed there. Pekoe’s favorite spot is the pullout on the big wooden desk next to me and he will climb all over me and my chair until I pull it out. They’ve both been sleeping here with me while I work for the last two hours. *sniff* Love your kitty today.
(please excuse the messy desk, cringe!)


I called a couple rescue centers and the nice lady said I’m doing all the right things. But they made it pretty clear that if she isn’t healthy she’ll be put down.

2 thoughts on “thinking of kitty”

  1. Please don’t get torn too tightly. Do what you can do and don’t feel bad about what you cannot.
    You have plenty of offers to take care of Fluffy.
    Please post an update as soon as you get something from the veternariannz.

  2. If you think she’s poisoned, maybe you can find something to give her to help her. There are all sorts of poison control websites. Take a look at her gums, too. If they’re white or bleeding, then she was poisoned with barbates.
    Here’s a website with some information on poisoning and stuff. I hope it helps!
    You’re being really good to take her in – thanks for being a nice person. 🙂 A lot of people wouldn’t have done it. It makes you special. Even if the kitty doesn’t make it, her life’s better right now because she’s with someone who loves her. And when she gets better, you can find someone who’ll love her even more. 🙂

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