The waiting begins…

We just got up and did our 7am vote. At the Fraternal Order of Water Buffaloes Eagles building in El Cerrito. Lor’ bless the ole ladies at the poll! There was a good line even at 7:10am. Lots of youngin’s but then again we have a lot of Berkeley students here. There weren’t enough pens.
Mr. Kallisti happened to be wearing his Carhart hoodie and did Eminem impersonations all the way to the poll.
I’m a new fan.
Now the anxiousness begins. Doesn’t help having performance anxiety at my new job either.
I’m so…. aaaaaaaaaaagh!

One thought on “The waiting begins…”

  1. I didn’t vote last time… but I sure am today, as soon as my mom get’s home, we’re gonna go together to the polls! *squee!* I’m so excited! ^^

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