the sleeper awakens.

I’ve never had such a deep winter slumber. We had a marvelously wet and early spring, the above was taken in February. A miniature daffodil hill sprung up in the middle of the garden. While only a few flowers bloomed, there are dozens of the plants in an ancient raised bed surrounded by a stone circle. We’ve since weeded and now wait to see if any more blooms will happen or whether we’ll need to unearth the bulbs come fall to put the daffy back in the daffodil.
We’ve started an absinthe garden and sprinkled the earth will drifts of california wildflower seeds. The herb bed I planted in the old stone pond has exploded, yay!
Apologies to those near and far for the silence. My inbox is a wasteland and I’ll be touching base with all of you soon.
P.S. Oh, see the new site design? I’m still sweeping up, more to come!

2 thoughts on “the sleeper awakens.”

  1. You’re back! How wonderful. I love the new site design!
    Bulbs are fabulous – we are now experiencing our first rain since the drought began and I can’t wait to see my flowers again. It’s all very brown and icky right now.
    Strangely, I was thinking about you this morning and wondering how you were, and there you were.
    Good to see you.

  2. Yay you’re back! I love the new layout, and your Spring flowers, I forgot to plant bulbs again last year, so I’ve been living vicariously though others.

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