The OMG To Do List

  1. 6am: wake up
  2. dye hair w/o applicator bottle o_o
  3. write this silly list
  4. be run over by crazy puffy tailed biscuit who has a burr in his but, clearly.
  5. rinse hair and shower
  6. take peektures of rhiannon’s lovely soah that I stayed up til midnight painting as soon as there is enough light. EDIT:: YAYAYAY, she liked her!

  7. get together last of the shipping from all the selling I’ve been doing and box it up. EDIT: will have to be boxed up at work :/
  8. 9am: Podiatrist appointment for that 1″ square area on the pad of my right foot that hurts like a f@#@%#r and has for a week so even though my hip feels better I am limping. hope I don’t get stabbed with anything and that it is not cancer EDIT: I probably have the tiniest fracture in the tiniest bone in the big toe pad of my foot, very common with people with circus freak feet like mine apparently.

  9. 10:30am: arrive to work late with too much to do such as:
    • ADD: stock option meeting. oh boy, we’ve been HERE before. DOOOOOOOOOOOOM!
    • meet with lovely operations manager about all new letterhead, envelopes, biz cards etc due to impending office move

    • [misc software product one] Datasheet tweaking and readying for printer

    • ADD: eat bowl of yummy beans for lunch
    • [misc software product one] Webpage updated to match the new fancy datasheet collateral
    • [misc software product two] Print ad finalization and sent off to trade publication
    • STILL WORKING ON: turn datasheet flyer for [misc software product two] from two page (just printed last month) to four page
    • OOPS: start basic layout for [misc professional services] collateral

    • coordinate company christmas card design (art being done by David–SWAK!) and printing and mailing
    • finalize design and creation of [misc software product two] landing pages for banner ad campaign
    • run general updates, article additions, job postings etc on the website
    • try really hard to care about SEO EDIT: do two seconds of random thought count?

    • box up and ship sold items and answer ebay questions
    • drop packages off at post office

  10. WHATEVER O’CLOCK: go home EDIT: 7pm. UGH!

  11. pack for LA
  12. pack dorries for LA and OMG make final decisions on outfits etc

  13. update the Absinthe Buyer’s Guide with new brands

  14. make/eat dinner EDIT: getting Indian take out. yay!

  15. clean up house and dolly table as I’ve been painting and doing commissions for weeks so haven’t put ANYTHING away and there are boxes of dolly clothes all over the living room and my house is a MESS and very small. mew.
  16. make list for lovely laura who is going to be taking care of my needy kitties while we are away
  17. ADD: change catbox
  18. ADD: add all the various people’s cell #’s to my addy book
  19. ADD: Oh uh. Draw my FCS face! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! EDIT:Phhhbbbbbbt! Going to have to do in hotel. Or just tell them to do Sasha face w/ pointy little evil brows. Teehee!
  20. sleep eventually

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