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I’ve sold for a tidy sum to a dear friend at I can’t believe I’ve really done it!
I’m so relieved. I’ve been running the site for nearly eight years, and the past couple years have been grueling since my heart just wasn’t in it anymore. Due to drama, politics, betrayal and heartbreak, I’ve just had it all squashed out of me. And I’ve found someone I believe will maintain the core integrity of the site, who is a lovely friend, very supportive and honorable.
I’ve agreed to stay on for six months to maintain and integrate his site with mine. Eventually he may add a bit of commercial interest, but I know it won’t be evil. It will be an honest endeavor. Mr. Kallisti and I will also be staying on as moderator admins.
I am sad too. Without the site, the friends I’ve made, my life wouldn’t be the same. This is where/how I met Mr. Kallisti! I’ve been mentioned in books and articles, and have friendships forged all over the world now. But I’ve lost some friendships too. And some have lost me…
My sadness since I began this process a month ago has been profound. But you know when you reach the end. You just know. I feel so grateful that someone was there to take over from me.
I’ve just posted to the inner forum, we eagerly await the reaction. It will go public this afternoon.
I think I’m going to cry.
p.s. look for part II in the coming months, in which I consolidate much of my online material into kallisti’s wee funhouse of severed heads and scary dollies. I’m so happy. *sniff* Really I am.

2 thoughts on “The News”

  1. I love your site especially for the great information on Dollfie that you have. I have been using your web site for information like a fiend these last couple of days not sure to get mini dolfie or regular and I have more questions that I hope I can find the answer to with the faqs…
    Congrats on selling that website it looks like a lot of hard work went in to it and keep your chin up about losing the friendship(s) I know its hard but you always meet new people too ( I m still learning and I will be 32 this year lol ) : )

  2. You are a peach. Coraggio! It is important to move on when the time comes. Life is transient at best, and fabulous new possibilities arise when change is inevitable. Take all the best memories from the past with you, learn from the mistakes, and buy dolls with the profit. (well,… that is probably what I would do) Anyway, I loved your absinthe website and wish you the best.

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