The Emperor Norton Bridge


It just might have a chance! The SF supes have surprisingly approved the bid to rename the Bay Bridge “The Emperor Norton Bridge”…
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Now they just have to get Oakland to approve. Do they have any sense of humor or history? Sheesh.
For those who don’t know, Emperor Norton is a beloved SF eccentric who declared himself “Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico” in the nineteenth century. He was humored by citizens and government alike, and famously minted his own money and issued a series of proclamations.
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On a sidenote: I deboxed Mitten last night. Ohmigosh. MITTEN! She is so much more than I expected. I, um… brought her into the office with me this morning. Eeep! She’s sitting on my monitor in her blue coat and cap.
Gudrun appropriated the slavic costume and looks FAB in it. I’ll have to take group shots this weekend.