The Doom.


I waited for ohmeohmy to say something first. Now that she has, the confirmed rumour is that we will indeed be laid off tomorrow. The catch is how long they will keep us on to train Canadian work monkeys and what kind of dosh we’ll get.
I will be lighting candles tonight for the best possible outcome tomorrow. I am at once relieved that I can finally get off this nightmarish merry-go-round, but am unusually anxious, and have been since layoffs were announced two weeks ago.
It used to be that I experienced stress and anxiety differently. A pint of ice cream and I was good to go. Now it is as if someone injected me with a meth/crack speedball and I want to hurl. Very peculiar, I also want to go to sleep. Need to breathe and do yoga like things. And drink whiskey.
Six years is a long time. I think we will be ok.
p.s. I stole the image above from an online shop hawking the “Invader Zim Doom Triple Woven Jacquard Throw Blanket.” If I weren’t getting canned I would so buy this.

4 thoughts on “The Doom.”

  1. Wow, that sucks about your job… Good luck with finding a new and better one!!
    I have had panic disorder since I was 18 and very much know the meth-crack-hurl feeling, along with weird floaty tingly feelings. And much pain.
    Feel free to drop me an email if you ever think you might want/need to talk about the panic thing with someone who’s had it for some time. It’s evil but there are ways of making it diminish, if not go away entirely. Hope things get better for you soon!!

  2. Just got notice I have til Halloween, then I am laid off. Won’t know about severance/bonuses til next week though. Sigh.
    Thanks for your wishes!!!

  3. hello and greetings you fabo diva oozing talent!
    i have been admiring (and blogging about) your Dollfies for the past week. can’t get over them and your choices and unique styling abilities.
    you should totally view the being laid off thing as a window opening for you to go to work for yourself creating and sewing– what you are obviously damned good at and probably could make tons of money doing. either that or go full tilt into the styling biz– just take your portfolio of Dollfie customizations and i bet you could do gorgeous storefront window displays.
    one door closes politely and doesn’t hit you in the ass on your way out, and another one OPENS.
    opportunity is knocking dahling… (my 2 cents, and i don’t even know ya, but i can just see it’s in the cards…)

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