Talked to Liz

Just talked to Liz, who is holed up in the French Quarter. She sounded weary when she answered the phone. She is fine, the other 5 or 6 camping out in the apartment next door are fine. She said they are living Mad Max, Lord of the Flies & Dawn of the Dead all at once. It is crazy down there. The Quarter is still bone dry, she says. The very bastion of vice was spared, the Soiled Gold City on the Hill. There’s a reason the Quarter has lasted so long. Vive le Vieux Carré!
She expects to be evacuated today. She’s been told they will be bused out to Fort Polk, LA and from there she has plans to stay with friends and family. Timing is good because the tap water finally stopped working. Though she says they have enough supplies to hole up for months.
She hasn’t heard from Michele & Rory since they walked back Uptown on Monday. But Uptown is rumored to be (relatively) dry.
She said the thugs emptied a gun shop. Oh joy!
She sounds exhausted, exhasperated and resigned. And that she needs to pack thirty years into a suit case.

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  1. My husband’s uncle lived 3 blocks from the French Quarter on 1423 Burgundy St. He is a white male in his 70’s. His name is Gerald “Jack” Vaughn. If you have any information or if your friends have any information will you please email me. with the subject line reading “jack”. thanks. (we haven’t heard from his since before the hurricane hit.

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