(Marzanna thinks it is still winter, but clearly Gudrun is ready for spring, natch!)
SquaWHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL! She’s my first new-ish car. And only my second vehicle. I’ve been saving and planning forever. When I was wee, and I mean very small, and I’m old so that was a long time ago, the only car I’ve ever wanted was a volkswagen bug. Ever. I used to love how the scratchy hay would start breaking through the seats and put holes in your thighs.
So here it is. Minty green, fresh and clean, my 2002 Beetle. Her name is… I haven’t decided yet. We just drove her off the lot! She has leather seats and fog lights. And a little glass vile to stick barbie’s feet into. FINALLY somewhere to put my bloo barbie. Sheesh.
And that is my little yellow cottage behind the car, they are equally cute. I live in Candyland and drive a skittle car.

6 thoughts on “Ta-dah!”

  1. OH MY GOSH! I’m sooo jealous! I want a bug… but mine would have to be silver or blue… yep yep.

    Now, getouttamybrainnnnnn! I mentioned this in another comment, there’s some mindmelding going on betwixt the Milk of Blast and the Girl of Creeturous ;p
    My dream car = ORANGE VW bug – like a pumpkin!!!
    But it will have to be a growed up dream car cuz I don’t think it’ll accomodate the impending babies the man-creetch and I plan on making.

  3. Hey, not so fast! My sister in law was all excited by how roomy the darned thing actually is, and she has two sons, 9 & 4, both future basketball players, and she’s 5’10”!
    Granted, hauling much more than two kids and a baseball mitt would be tough, but the car is roomier than it looks. She’s dreeeeeeamy.
    Creeture babies! I can hardly stand it!

  4. Oh those bad booys are certainly roomy…and they glow in purple! And the vase thingy! And the ROUNDNESS – they make me all smiley…the thing that had me all downtrodden was a recent discussion with a new mommy friend and how “liteweight” strollers are 28-30 lbs.
    Then I harkened back to when I pushed her darling child around one afternoon in the mall, and well, those phuckers are yuge, not to mention the carseats and then well, the kid and stuff ;p
    I can’t imagine the buggy bug being able to handle all that plasticware, my Honda is cringing at the thought of it even now…when the knee biters are more growed up it will be all I can do to keep myself from pouncing on the VW asap…

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