“Shock It To Me” Horrorfest 2006

We go to The City infrequently. So it is always the awesome to run into someone unexpectedly. This time it was Augie! We were picking up a wee blobpi for Mr. Kallisti’s birthday (mwah!) at Super 7. And in walks Augie with flyers/posters for his latest: “Shock It To Me” Halloween Horrorfest at the Castro. I jumped all over him and whisked him off to din-din around the corner at that really good ramen place that we hadn’t been to yet. Yay!

We were friends when I was in HS. And roommates briefly when I first moved to The City. Last time I saw him he was putting on Godzilla fest. He’s just written a book (editing) and got bitten by a brown recluse earlier this year… eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! For real.
So yeah, the fest is the same weekend as the Volks party, but we’ll try to make the Friday night Hammer fest. Aaaaah!
I also brought up the Cerrito Theater happening a couple blocks away, since it will be run by the folks at the Parkway in Oakland. He says they currently have plans to move Thrillville to El Cerrito! Swoon & die! Totally stumbling distance from our house.