She really needs to just shut up.

Because it keeps getting worse.

The artist said the names were spelled correctly on her sketches, but she got them wrong as she was doing the piece. She admits noticing “Einstein” was misspelled but choosing to go forward anyway.
“I just wasn’t that concerned,” she said. “None of us are particularly good spellers anymore because of computers. When you are in a studio full of clay, you don’t give it much thought.
“When you look at Michelangelo’s David, do you point out that one (testicle) is lower than the other?”

Um, yes. Yes I do. Because that is nature. An acute observation on the part of the artist of reality. Also because I like to stare at David’s testicles, meow.

2 thoughts on “She really needs to just shut up.”

  1. Ok, I’m sorry, a body part is light years away from being the same as spelling! The is no “right and wrong” for a body part. I know some guys testicles are like that. (one lower than the other) however, spelling a name or place obviously there is only one way to spell it! Especially when it refers to a particular famous person!
    Yeas Gods she needs a smack in the head!

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