Sea View—Pink House!

Sea View–Pink House!

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What a week! Last monday this happens. We were home and ran out with the rest of our neighbors to see what happened. So awful!. And now, a week later and we already have a new rental lined up!

We’d been planning to move this year, we need the space, and Butter doesn’t have an enclosed yard. I love this neighborhood sooo much but more and more outside elements have been committing evil here over the past few years. The day after the shooting I started looking at craigslist and found the cheapest rental up in the hills, same zip code as current. It has the hugest yard imaginable, with 5 fruit trees and a little path (though in sore need of all kinds of water and care), a bay view with twinkly lights and lots of parks and wilderness for happy dog walking. And is totally affordable. Oh, and a working fireplace.

I will sorely miss the honeymoon cottage. It is nearly four years to the day that we moved in, right after we returned from Vegas getting married. Sigh!
So. Another month of WHERE’S KALLISTI!?!!? We’re movin’ up!

5 thoughts on “Sea View—Pink House!”

  1. Sorry to hear about the chaos in your ‘hood. Hopefully things will be much better in the new place. I love pink houses! Super cute. Get packing….

  2. Yay, moving time! Too bad about the crime, though. That’s a cute house.
    I’m moving too, in about a month as well, but much further — from Orange County in New York state to Minot, ND.
    Good luck!

  3. Such a sad story–i’m sorry for your neighbor’s loss.
    The new house looks fab–good luck with the move!

  4. OMG … CAN I COME LIVE WITH YOU??? That house is so cute and perfect! Pink and twinkly and tree happy! YAAAY! It’s so you! I’m glad you were able to find it – it’s like all the planets were aligned for you, and you were able to find it at the right time.
    My brother and I are going to try and make it to the LA Volks Dolpa in November – I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!!! I GIVE BIG HUGS!!!

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