R.I.P. Fluffy


Just got back from the vet. Doc brought Fluffy in and she could barely hold her head up. He explained a lot of mumbo jumbo but it basically comes down to that she was suffering from liver failure most likely due to eating poison. Once the liver stopped functioning that is when she would have started exhibiting the neurological damage. She’d gone into shock, her eyes were permanently dilated. I told him what we’d found out by talking to neighbors and he said while analyzing her condition that it fits very well with how sick she was. He said he’d tried some very aggressive treatment to bring her around with no luck.
We agreed she needed to be put down. Poor kitty. He waived a lot of the fees except for labwork etc and said we’d done the right thing and handed me a tissue.
What creeps me out the most is there is someone living around here who thinks it is ok to poison small furry animals.
I am so wrecked.

2 thoughts on “R.I.P. Fluffy”

  1. poor kitty, but at least you did everything you could! a lot of people, maybe even most people would just leave a stray cat alone, sick or not. thank god for good people like you who try the best to help! it’s sad that she was so sick that she had to be put to sleep, but at least she’s in a better place now, kitty heaven!!

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