Revenge of the Kitten

So I’m sick. I came home from work a bit early yesterday and Mr. Kallisti said he was startin’ to feel a bit woogly too, so we both took some night time alkaseltzer and hit the sheets around 5pm.
I just woke up and my voice is totally gone! Croak! Ribbit!
And Biscuit must have been totally frustrated because he has wrecked the house. Both bathmats have been dragged under the bed along with god knows what. Pens and socks are everywhere. Strange items are in the sink and one of Trinian’s faceplates was on the floor (eeek!). And that is just what I’ve noticed.
He’s been licking our faces all morning and I thought he was being sweet. In the meantime he’s wrecked the house!
I’ve called off work, fed the cats, I’m going back to bed. Owie.