Remember this?

Well. After two weeks of diligent searching and returned furniture items, we finally found a storage solution for my storage problems. We couldn’t find one massive unit full of drawers to replace all the smaller plastic storage units. So we started back at square one and got a white melamine armoir that fit all the little drawer thingies we already had. We just need to add one more shelf inside and it is all good! I’m so relieved we found something not ugly at IKEA. I switched out the knobs myself, even though they had nice little white glass ones, these will match the ones on the hutch opposite. SO. The smallest room in the world has two hutches, an armoir and a kitchen table in it. Wowie. And thanks to Mr. Kallisti for putting up with my endless searching, whining, and for putting it all together. Mwah!!! K. I’ll shaddup. Here’s the pictures.

This first one utilizes mood lighting. Sorry about the flash on the rest of them.

How much does Demelza love her dress form, huh? And, by the way, that is my great grandmother’s pin cushion rolling around next to the sewing machine. My grandmother used it all the years I knew her and it was apparently her mother’s! I cherish it.

One thought on “Remember this?”

  1. Oh, I love seeing inside people’s rooms! That’s such a sweet one, considering its size. Also, Demelza makes me weep, and the dress-form makes me weep even more. (I do not want a SD girl I do not want a SD girl *repeats, mantra-like*). I found some tutorials for making your own dress-form online, though, so maybe I can try and fashion a U-noa one? Hmm. I may have to. The dress you’re making looks fabulous. Like a cross between Christina Ricci’s final dress in Sleepy Hollow, and Alice in Wonderland. Gorgeous!

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