Redd Kross

Cuz everyone keeps bringing them up! Here’s me in a Redd Kross t-shirt, circa 1989-1990, dancing in a field in the Marin Headlands. Too bad the pix are in black and white, because I had very deep, bright raspberry hair. Mmmm.
Dancing with Shannon:

The tshirt has an afro lady with the words “Redd Kross” in her fro on the front, and a psychedelic pic of Cher on the back saying “Friends of Cher.” Oh, how we loved Redd Kross! Used to see them all the time. How we loved them, mwror.
Also Shannon and I were roommates for nine years. She’s the awesome feral kitten wrangler I got Biscuit from.
Only cuz the expression is priceless.

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