Picture me jumping up and down waiving fist in air, and then read this:
Capitol unwilling to pay bill on bridge Bay Area lawmakers reject governor’s latest proposal
Arnold is refusing to help pay for The Bay Bridge cost over runs, saying that the rest of California shouldn’t have to foot the bill. His great idea was to divert a recent bridge toll hike that was slated for local roadways/freeway improvement. Now, he offers money to tear down what has already been built. Sorry, The History Channel has already done a documentary on it, can’t tear it down now. For those who don’t know, the Oakland span of the Bay Bridge is the one that had a deck collapse during the ’89 earthquake. That was, um, fifteen years ago.
WELL. I think the rest of California can just GIVE BACK ALL OUR FUCKING WATER and we’ll keep all our cool high tech gadgets to ourselves. Southern California can just turn back into the desert it once was. *waiving fists in air*
Ferchrissakes. It is the BUSIEST BRIDGE IN THE COUNTRY. But isn’t a state problem!?!? Like all those li’l worker bees that don’t fit into San Francisco don’t pay 30% of their li’l waiges into state and federal coffers.
Cough it up, bitch. That is all.
*so mad*