poor kitty

Mr. Kallisti and I were pulling out of the drive way this morning when I noticed a wee tortoise shell kitty on the lawn. Then I noticed that she was trying to walk but kept falling over. I asked Mr. Kallisti to stop and we watched her for a minute and after walking in circles and falling over several times she just laid down on the grass.
Uh oh. Sick kitty. So we idled and got out to take a look at her. She tried to run but couldn’t, kept falling. She’s the cutest little orangish torty, with big big eyes. I told Mr. Kallisti to go get the cat carrier. We woke up all our immediate neighbors to no avail but lots of sympathy and came to the collective conclusion she wasn’t one of the usual strays we see around. So off we went to our vet hospital.
Vet says she’s suffering from some kind of head trauma. Either something she ate like poison, brain tumor or she fell and hit her head. She can’t walk straight and she keeps trying to stand on her head and her eyes are flicking. No other broken bones or injuries except she’s obviously been out for a few days as she’s dehydrated and her spine is boney. Poor kitty! So they’re gonna keep her overnight while we flyer the neighborhood to try and find her parents.
She’s a gorgeous li’l froofy fluff. Pray for kitty.


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  1. awww poor kitty!! i hope you find the owners or at least someone who will take care of her!

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