Interview for “Creative Web Engineer” went very well, and I look very spiffo. I go back for round two this week or next. Woo. Good sign. She says they will be talking to 2-3 people in round two interviews, me being one of them. So at least I’m not one of millions.
The company seems good. Not glamooooor, but they’ve been around for 45 years and their SF offices are pretty low key. I don’t have my hopes up cuz this was my first interview and she also says that my only having one key position wasn’t the greatest thing. I guess it would have been better if I had had three jobs in six years than one job over the same period? But she said the fact we work with multiple clients should balance that out a bit. Whateveh. It is nice to practice being a corporate whore selling my ass to the highest bidder.
Can you say “401k matching”? *dream*
Oh! The DOOM CALENDAR says just 45 more days to go til freedom *does best Mel Gibson imitation* or NOT. Heh.

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