Painterly paws

Woke up this morning and wandered into my work room in which I was painting Blythes last night.
And there were little pinky-purple paw prints ALL OVER my work table and chair.
I guess I left some wet paint on my palette when I went to bed last night and Biscuit (alias Li’l Fucker) decided to channel Pollock. Luckily the chair is vinyl and the table enamel. But it was hilarious. I looked and there was no evidence on his little cranberry paws. I so wanted to see them encrusted with paint.
On a side note, the face hugger CPAP machine is on its third night of use. I detect maybe a 20% increase in refreshment. The mask will take some getting used to. My face feels bruised from having to strap it on tight enough to hold a seal. Blah blah.