it’s my birthday. more on that later.
Best birthday present so far is that kitty Biscuit went for his leukemia/aids test this morning and passed! Yay! Now he’s running around like nuts terrorizing the older cats as he’s been locked in our bedroom for two weeks. They are unhappy. He also went from 2.2 lbs to 3.4 in two weeks! He’s a biggun.
Look, we caught him in a moment of non-movement yesterday:

Too many pix to post, so here’s a dir! This one is especially evil. It is going to give me nightmares.

4 thoughts on “:p”

  1. Happy Birthday! I’ve had this nagging feeling for the last few weeks that I should sew something for you & your dollies; now, I guess I know why. I’ll get to work on that…
    Awww, cute little evil kitty terrorizing older calmer black cat! We have that around here, too. Fun, eh? *kisskisskittykitty*

  2. Happy Birthday!
    Your kittycat is so cute, he’s the personification (cat-ification?) of creeping evil! Glad he’s healthy and getting fat too.
    btw love your art, been a fan for years 🙂

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