Oops. She’s coming…

Shipping notice received for:

but only because she has the potential to look like this:

(please forgive me random YJP seller. kiss-kiss!)
But then there is also going to be THIS:
Who is actually the girl I’ve been waiting for, she could really be the Blastmilk poster girl. Boy am I in trouble. But she had ORANGE hair. Meh.
Oh, and “Candy Carnival” bloo girl comes with a piglet. A PIGLET!!!

6 thoughts on “Oops. She’s coming…”

  1. Oh my gosh the little blue haired one looks soo cute! Where can I get one? Where do you get your blyth from? Also do blyth fit in Bratz clothing? I want a blyth someday… (maybe sooner with the blue haired beauty)

  2. Well, it just figures. Last week I commissioned someone to do a pale-blue mohair re-root on my VM. Doh!
    But this girl has gingham hair bows? And her name is “Candy Carnival”? That there’s a no-brainer. I went ga-ga over Margaret, and I swore she was my last one. So it’s only natural that they should put one out that blows my socks off and forces me to go back on my own decision. Gah. Love, love, love her.

  3. I get my blythes from hlj.com, just put “blythe” in the search box and all available stuff for ordering will come up. They usually put up preorder info a few weeks to a month before the release, so start checking the end of april for Candy’s preorder.
    Or you can always do ebay!
    Also, Milk eye…! I also have a drawer full of pale blue saran hair I was gonna use. But when I heard about the blue girl awhile back I put the project on hold.
    I’m passing on Margaret for now. Cry. Too much too soon!

  4. Sorry to be such a noob and pestering you with Q’s but… where did you find out abouts Candy’s release? I’m keeping an eye out for her… I hope she’s as precious as the picture! ^^

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