I spent too much money.
And I didn’t even buy any dolls this month. And all my money went *poof!*
The dollhouse was way expensive. $20 for the wood. $400+ for all the damn accoutrements, trimmings, decorations, furniture and craft items. Eeep!
Also, I bought a TON of books this month. I am a happy reader. I’ve read a book this week! A whole book. The previous book took me a month to finish. And before that, it was 6+ months without being able to read much. So I am very happy and already tearing into the next one in my pile.
Happy except for the money. And August is my birth month, wherein I am supposed to spoil myself silly. Now I just feel guilty. Oh well. Start saving in September, right?
I still have $400 saved in my New Orleans fund though, I’m comin!


2 thoughts on “Oops.”

  1. you shoulda seen the one I *was* gonna post! I’ll post her later…
    but had to post my poppy girl with the nola reference 🙂

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