I’ve just lost $180 worth of BART (commuter train) tickets. I can’t even believe it. *stares*
I usually don’t carry that much with me but I just bought them Friday and forgot to put them away.
It costs me over $130 to commute to work each month.

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  1. oh man… that sucks! Reminds me of the time i lost my wallet down town Pitts. There was nothing of real value in it (I don’t use credit cards yet and there were only maybe 2-3 bucks in it) but it had my new buss pass for the month. That was a $75 buss pass! *_* and it was the begining of the month!

  2. Hello,
    Do you have any EB Beauty spare hands you could place on eBay? I need a beauty white, if you don’t have a pair at least the right hand. I need one that hasn’t been sanded, painted, or customized in any way.

  3. Are sure they’re lost? Like fallen out of bag/wallet whatever?
    Did you do the obligatory insane house search?
    I’m sorry to hear this, my fiance pays like $80 a month to commute too (ouch). I hope you find the passes.

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