No time to post.

Between new job, and the election… gack! Will post about Reno sometime this week, but it ain’t all that exciting. Except for the SHOPPING!
The election has me feeling like a squashed bug, and Mr. Kallisti is wearing his Johnny Cash FU shirt and stomping around being all punk rock.
Also, I am so anxious for my Lusis I have squirmy butt.
OH! GADS! My Minx of Hearts outfit finally arrived to her very relieved owner in Italy! I was so terribly heartbroken to think it was lost. And I was going to start tracing procedures today too as it has been nearly a month. So there. There is some good news afterall.
I’m finding it terribly difficult to be generous to those friends I have who are on the opposite side of the political spectrum than me. In my heart I think: what kind of money grubbing greedy hate mongering bigot do you have to be to vote “conservative?” Since when is being a “progressive” not a good thing? Ten Eleven states passed measures banning gay marriage last night. Prez. Bush leads by a narrow margin, who has presided over the biggest government, tax squandering, corporate ass-licking, wasteful, hateful, righteous, war mongering government in history. And the possibilities for the Supreme Court are mind boggling.
Talk about faith, my faith in humanity is very low right now.


5 thoughts on “No time to post.”

  1. *rubs your shoulders*I say you take your first paycheck (as long as you don’t need anything like food =P) and blow a great big wad on Fifi and Demelza! Take long hot baths, read a book, don’t watch tv… play with F/D and relax. Don’t let it bother you. *hugs*

  2. Hello, I am from Canada and although I obviously couldn’t vote, and it’s not my country, I was very interested in the elections. I remember the Bush/Gore elections being the first US elections coverage I ever watched because I hoped so much for Bush not to win. I remember from the first time I saw him on tv I got a bad feeling about him… This year I had such high hopes for him to be defeated, seeing as judging by media coverage, there seemed to be so much anti-Bush and Kerry supporters. I am really disappointed for you guys, and hope that your country isn’t too adversly affected by the dumbass. I am not too sure how elections work over there, here, they count everyone’s vote; whoever has the most wins, so I am lost with the whole “electoral college” or whatever it’s called. Anyway, hope you don’t think I’m sticking my nose in or anything, I just think you made a great choice for who you suppport, and I am really sorry about the results, I really am. 🙁

  3. Bush is a grade A arse hole in my opinion. Enough though I’m not American we have similar problems with our prime minister in the UK. We can only hope they choke on some more pretzels eh? :-p

  4. Hey, please don’t ask my dear sister to blow money away. We’ve been working so hard to help her save those pennies.
    SAVE YOUR PENNIES !!! Kerry would want it that way.

  5. Bleh, you made the right choice, I just think it’s a shame half the country didn’t. With any luck, the world will still be intact in 4 years and we won’t have to worry about the Bush family ever again. If not, well, we’ll all be dead from the nuclear bombs so I suppose it won’t matter. But we can always hope he’ll get impeached or something…?
    Btw Julia, Canada’s elections are based on ridings, very similar to the electoral college, and not popular vote.

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