New Orleans

Attention Nola Posse:
I’m saving. I have an account I am throwing money into every month. When it is full enough to pay for me and Mr. Kallisti to travel to New Orleans in style, here we come.
I’m hoping Christmas or Spring.
Mr. Kallisti gave me indication that he has resigned himself to traveling by train with me when he brought home travel versions of Yahtzee and Boggle. Eeeeeeeeeeee! I hate flying. It makes me die.
So yeah, since I’d like for us to travel in a cabin, it will cost a lot of money. But be very romantic and lovely and full of food and sleeping even if it is a little cramped in our standard cabin closet. I love traveling by train. It is three days to New Orleans and I find most people aren’t as serene as I am when it comes to train travel. I usually go coach, and bring a big bottle of nyquil and lots of books and books on tape. It is awesome.
I just wanted to give my Nola gang a heads up! Don’t know if we’re gonna hit you up for floor space or save additional for The Biscuit Palace yet. If we have enough dosh I’d love to stay in the Quarter. Mmmm.
For those who don’t know, I spent two GLORIOUS years in New Orleans age 27-29, living with Marquis & our friend Michele. I consider it my last hurrah of sorts. I haven’t lived that large since. Even on $6.25 an hour at a perfume shop. And I haven’t been back since Halloween 2001 after going almost twice a year for three years. I spent all of 2002 courtin’ Mr. Kallisti who was 3000 miles away in Michigan, and then he moved out here, we got married and got real broke.
But I’m goin’ back. Mr. Kallisti has to see the glory that is the swampy nether regions of the country. I would love to live there, and definately plan to retire there. Swamp and booze is good for old people.

me, Halloween in New Orleans, 2001. Very. Very. Drunk.