Need Yahoo Japan input…

There’s an item on Yahoo Japan I might want to bid on that the seller says they will ship internationally.
I remember *trying* to sign up for an account sans knowing Japanese and finding it very difficult, um wait, it was impossible.
Should I just bite and and go with the usual Celga, or is there a way around this conundrum? It would only save me $50 or so on a larger ticket item. So I’m leaning towards the usual conveniences.
Please to input. THANKS!
(oh, and not to mention I just bought the most awesome SD dress ever there. I’m just sayin’.)

3 thoughts on “Need Yahoo Japan input…”

  1. I think, you’re better off using a deputy service to bid. I used to bid on my own, on YJapan before they required a credit card back in 2002. I had a scripted message that I used in kanji, where I would ask the seller if I could bid on their auction (if it didn’t say seller shipped internationally). Most sellers were ok about it but the payment part took some further explaination.
    I’d have to say that it was quite some work to do it. If you’re gonna be bidding on a lot of stuff, then go for it but if it’s just one auction AND it’s a lot of money, it’s better to leave it in the hands of the native speakers!
    BTW, I’ve been meaning to ask you! How did you get your text to align to the left or right of the pictures you posted on your blog? I want to do that on my blog too!

  2. I think I’m coming to that conclusion too. It was just that I’ve never seen something I wanted that said they’d ship internationally! But it’s not like I would be saving hundreds. I’m aaaall about convenience!
    Text align:
    align=left or align=right … You just stick in into the image code MT spits out, straight html mojo.

  3. Ahhhh, ok! I tried that and I guess it only works with just one picture cuz I tried with a row of pics and that didn’t work. Thanks for the tip!

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