Naked Civil Servant

Must. Rent. Now. I am so in love with John Hurt I can’t even stand it. It has been way too long since I’ve seen it! Doesn’t look like it is even out on dvd yet. I just ordered the 1979 BBC version of “Crime & Punishment” cuz John Hurt is in it (and it was written by Jack Pulman who also did “I, Claudius.” Oh my gosh, we wrote the drinking game in 1999!!!)
Naked Civil Servant… so ya know.

This today from the “Since You Asked” column in Salon responding to someone who very belligerantly did not understand the term “soulmate,” and Cary Tennis responds:

“What I usually mean by “soul mate” is someone with whom there is a feeling of understanding and passion that exceeds rational understanding. It might last, or it might not, but because it so exceeds understanding, it inspires thoughts of the supernatural or the divine. If you have never experienced a powerful yet bafflingly clear connection so seemingly telepathic that it defied your rational understanding, then the idea of a soul mate would, understandably, have little meaning. But many people have experienced such a thing, and find it helpful to have a word for it, and an explanation, however unprovable.”

The original letter made me want to stab the woman in the eye with a hot poker. I dated someone JUST LIKE THAT for nine years. What was I thinking.
Now I’m lucky enough to have someone I love so much “it inspires thoughts of the supernatural or the divine.” Also, it is mutual. You can take your urban cynicism and stuff it.
Shoot me now.