My life.

Had a busy weekend. Rearranged and cleaned the house Saturday. Trying to make room for a small exercise bike in my very tiny and quaint living room. So we packed up an entire shelf of videos and dvd’s… and put in the garage. Sigh. Still, nice to thin out the crap a little. Then we made tacos. YARM. I’m a nut for making salsa, and I had these fat organic tomatoes too. And lots of jalapeno, si! And then we watched “Yokai Monsters Volume 1” which was really cool and very silly. Yay for Japanese monster movies. Unfortunately I feel asleep near the end, which brings me to my next paragraph:
On Friday my doctor ordered me to get a sleep test done for Sleep Apnea, to try to address my head fuzziness and daytime sleepiness. If the test is positive that will go a long way to explaining a lot of my issues, and perhaps even the panic/anxiety itself. It will also save me from a brain scan. Honest, I don’t want anything to be wrong with my brain. That would be freaky.
And then Sunday was my nephew’s ninth birthday party (and I snuck in a Happy Father’s Day card for my dad). That went swimmingly. He’s old enough for dangerous and complicated toys now, very cool.
Got into a discussion with my stepmother about a paper she’s giving on 19th century epitaphs at one of the big glam cemeteries in Colma. If’n you don’t know, my parents are cemetery historians and retired archeologists. She was saying how strange it was how sentimental and lyrical the epitaphs for little girls were compared to any others, including young boys. And I said something to the effect that the Victorians had a very romantic view towards childhood, and had a curious sentimentality for little girls. She rambled off a couple that were so gorgeous and haunting I told her she should publish a book entitled “Epitaphs for Little Girls” and she said only if I illustrated it XD.
She could totally do it, and I believe would actually be marketable to the “Dark Carnival” crowd etc.
I’ll have to bone up on my dead girl etchings.
And speaking of dead girls, had a dream le Marquis came into a convention hall I was working at hollering for a dolly and an ambulance. When neither showed up he came back in hauling large THINGS and saying they still needed to call 911. I went outside to see what the problem was and there were two tiny girls lying in the gutter. They were extremely emaciated and had no eyelids. Their nanny said I could help by trying to talk to them and keep them calm. The wee girl I was talking too, her open eye kept sticking to the pavement when she’d turn her head. Then the ambulance came and whisked them away and their nanny turned into Fluffy the kitten, everyone left and I was left holding Fluffy and sobbing, sitting alone on the curb.
Mr. Kallisti says that maybe I’ve been neglecting my girls (Fifi & Demelza) as I haven’t had the time to play with them in weeks.

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  1. the part of your dream with the girl’s ee sticking to the pavement made me laugh to myself, although I can imagine that would look extremely weird.

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