Muahahaha! New Kitten!

The latest up for adoption, and I can’t have this one!!!

If you’re in the bay area, this little gremlin monkey boy needs a loving home! His japanese name is “Masao” which means “little gremlin monkey boy” …or, er “holy” because he was found alone in an attic meditating. He is the baby brother of Biscuit Lafitte, who has tested negative for all kinds diseases.
Please to love.

One thought on “Muahahaha! New Kitten!”

  1. Adorable. If only it were legal for me to have a pet here…
    I hoped I could bombard you with Dollfie Dream questions? I think I tried emailing you before, but I have no idea if the email went through. But, getting to the point:
    I’m considering buying a Dollfie Dream (never bought a ball-jointed doll before) but need help with some finer points first.
    1) How are they made? I get the impression that DD is made of a bunch of separate plastic pieces that are strung together? I ask, because I’m thinking of sculpting some custom-made body parts and stringing them together with the DD parts, but I need to know if the doll can be taken to pieces first!
    2) How posable are these guys? Specifically, I want to know if they can pose like both of these pictures: (can the left arm cross the chest that tightly or are the breasts in the way?) (the figure standing in a curvy S-shape on the right)
    3) Can the doll sit cross-legged?
    4) What do the arm joints look like? How do they bend at the shoulders?
    I’m trying to get a really posable doll with an adult female body that can pose in curvy ways and that I can take apart and redo (again, I’m actually talking about sculpting new parts here), so I can make a doll with _four_ jointed, movable arms (so I’m really anxious about the shoulder joint).
    Seeing I’ve never seen these in person, I really hope you could take a good look at your DD and help me out! I’d really, really appreciate it!
    Thank you very much, in advance!!

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