movie update, so far…

Also, just bought tickets to go see Hitchhikers Guide tomorrow night! Woo! This better be good. I have much love for Adams. The UK reviewers are tending to give it a “whoopee!” so I’m happy.
Just a note, because I didn’t mention it before, we went to see Sin City a few weeks ago and were dreadfully thrilled with it. Mr. Kallisti is a big Miller fan but had never read Sin City so it was all very exciting. I remember thinking, while watching it, that if he wasn’t loving it as much as I was I would simply die. He’s the strong silent type so it is very difficult to gage his reactions without deep probing. When the lights went up I asked him what he thought and he said, very quietly, that he hadn’t been so excited by a movie since seeing Star Wars for the first time when he was eight. Aw, yeah baby!
Finally saw Stage Beauty as it was just released on DVD. It only played in the theaters here for about thirty seconds and I was very sad to miss it. It is truly lovely, but if you know anything about Restoration theater and politics *whisper* it didn’t really happen that way. However, like Shakespeare in Love (which it very closely resembles, with much more faggotry thrown in, yay!) it is a super story and film in its own right. So perhaps we can forgive the license taken with historical fact. Maybe.
Last night I rented Vera Drake. Sigh. I knew this one would just make me mad. But also knew the performances would be gorgeous and the subject dear. In short, it is about a little ole abortionist fairy who runs around 1950’s London helping out poor girls in trouble. It is very dark, all the walls and alleys are painted and papered in dark greys. There are no high minded speeches, no courtroom drama. The police are gentle and even a bit sympathetic with her, and she sniffles into her hanky through the entire court scene. It is a little story, with huge implications. Watching it made me much more stressed than such a little film ought to. Because all I could think near the end was “this is where they want us. them. they. they want us back in the dark ages, the back alleys, with infected uteri and no hope.” I soothe myself with the knowledge that “they” are an extreme minority, albeit a loud one, and “they” won’t get their wish anytime soon. *shakes fist in the air*
See also The Magdalene Sisters for gut wrenching horribleness of our recent past.
Waiting in the wings for me to finish with all my rentals is the BBC’s North & South. Big fan of Mrs. Gaskell as well as the BBC adaptation of Wives & Daughters. I ordered it from along with Casanova, but this arrived first. It has seemed to garner many awards so will probably be here stateside sometime in the future, but I am notoriously impatient.
Casanova should be here in a few weeks. Whoop!
Still waiting for:
The Libertine: where the heck is this? it played the Toronoto film fest last fall, for criminy!
Charlie & The Chocolate Factory
The Corpse Bride
Whole lotta Depp and Tim Burton. Yay!

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  1. Wives and Daughters is awesome! I saw it years ago, back when I had a tv, on BBC America and taped it. Good book, too, I tried to find one of her other books _Ruth_, but was unsuccessful at the time.

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