movie I forgot to mention


Um… “Doggy Poo.” Netflix has it. Run don’t walk.
Based on a popular Korean children’s book, Doggy Poo is a gorgeous claymation short film about a seemingly insignificant piece of doggy poo (the lowest form of poo, we are led to believe) who learns the difficult lessons about the cycle of life and the vagaries of the Wheel of Fortune.
No really.
Here’s the OFFICIAL SITE. And check it out, this guy has BACKGROUNDS. Rock.

2 thoughts on “movie I forgot to mention”

  1. Bwahahahahaha! It’s doggy poo poo! What the heck is wrong with Korea? Isn’t that flash animation with the poo and dancing maggets from korea too?
    But well, the music was beautiful, it was very touching, and I almost got swept up into the moment untill I remembered… IT’S FREAKING DOG $h!t!
    I gotta see this some time… I wonder if my rental place has it… *snickers*
    ME: hello, do you have doggy poo?
    Them: Excuse me? (WHF?)
    ME: it’s a movie… about a clamation dog turd 😀
    Them: (WTF????!!!!!!) *click* Buzzzzzz

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