More Soah…

Soah got beeeyoootiful lashes at the Volks store. I used the dark brown wispy ones on her and they are divine! Loves so much.

And Gramma’s Ichimatsu!

Now, to get Soah in the mail back to her eager owner. Everyone else too, if I owe you a package, it is going out today.

2 thoughts on “More Soah…”

  1. OMG- Kallisti- I dunno if you ever read the teddy bear mystery books with head teddy bear heroine Ophelia?
    Author last name Clise? Anyways, she has one adventure with all the bears heading to Japan and solve the mystery of the missing doll that is totally a lookalike for that little cutie doll you have posted with the bob. She is adorable!

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