Moobie update

Howl’s Moving Castle was fantastic! The english overdubs were sooooo much better than Princess Mononoke. I think that is because Jean Simmons is a goddess.
And we saw the preview for a movie I forgot to mention on my last uber movie list: Pride & Prejudice!
As sceptic as I am inclined to be (not a Keira Knightley fan) it looks gorgeous. Much more gritty than the 95 BBC series, the costumes looked fantastic with a much more late 18th century presence on the older characters than previously seen. I think Matthew MacFadyen is the only actor who could come up against the Mr. Darcy of Colin Firth. He’s so brooding and tall and dark. And his voice is always so scrummy. Love him. Anyway, due to be released in September, we eagerly await it.
And lastly, we netflixed the first two discs of Last Exile and I am so in love. Seriously one of the most beautifully produced tv animes ever. All very pre-WWII styling. All making me very happy. And needing those darn azone flight caps/goggles.

3 thoughts on “Moobie update”

  1. Last exile is THE best i have the whole box set of them and it is one of my personal favs you have to see the whole thing if you havent yet. i LOVE your dollfies they are amazing your pictures are so nice as well. iv got a quick question to, i noticed in one of your pics it looks like you hand paint them all? i just got my special unoa boyfriend (hes being sent in the mail n.n ) and i was wondering if you have any tips for painting him? first time painting on that kind of material so if you have tips on it please let me know! thank you =)

  2. I can’t wait to see Howl’s, missed a sneal of it a couple week’s ago, but me and the hubby are determined to check it out ASAP.
    And I swear you have a piece if my brain, I have been eyeballing Last Exile for several weeks now (after spotting on some random eBay search) because the art is so gorgeous, now I must track it down to see for myself 😀

  3. oh, geez, Howl’s Moving Castle was a blast. yet another gorgeous ‘retirement’ film from Miyazaki. managed to squeeze in on the last showing of opening day at the only theater in Portland, OR showing it, because alas, it was sold out all day.
    glorious movie. yay markle!! =)

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