It is a Slavic wonderland around here!

I love her so much. Gudrun is wearing her other outfit. It is the best! It’s got a little petticoat and bloomer panties! And all the ribbon has little mittens and mitten puppies. And she has a whole ‘nuther pink fur coat set with cape & hat, and she’s wearing this cute li’l orange ensemble under her blue coat. Best dressed ever!
Mitten was my “whoopie, I got a job!” present to myself. I was a bit hesitant to love her because of the price (for non-Blythe people, she’s a limited release and therefore cost a bit more than the regular releases). But she’s so fab, and very compelling. Can’t wait to spray her face! And I’ve got some special eyechips waiting for her. Yes.

One thought on “Mitten!”

  1. i really love mitten blythe and am trying desperately to find her. Do you know of anywhere i might be able to find her. thanks for your help

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