Miss Thistle, Li’l Gudrun & the Puchi Dresses


My GG Gudrun came last week! I haven’t posted her in her super cute default outfit because everyone else has. So I spent the day of rest sewing wee Puchi dress patterns from Melissa. These are, I’m rather ashamed to say, my first Blythe dresses! And each one took about an hour to make. Now that is fun. Gudrun’s autumn fashion is made out of an old, old hanky. I love hankies!
I absolutely adore Groovy Groove. Her hair is lucious after a shampoo, and her mushroomy outfits are to die for. She needs some custom work, prolly just eyeshadow and matte… and she reminds me very much of the custom I did for the other Melissa of Clover. Perhaps I should add freckles! Heee.
Clicky below for oodles of peektures.


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