Meeeeeeesssssssss Greeetchen!!!

You are a beeyooootiful lady!
Got your package today. Yay! Wow! Some familiar, and some strange. I love it, love it.
I’m feelin’ the love now, can’t you tell.

One thought on “Meeeeeeesssssssss Greeetchen!!!”

  1. HI! I’m sorry for posting this in some miscellanious entry, but… If I had your email, I’d tell you that your Super Dollfie FCS, Fifi, is one of the prettiest I’ve seen! I know it may seem like I have only started to look at Super Dollfies (actually I’ve been into this for a while ^ ^;;), but I found yours to be quite the unique and beautiful doll. There doesn’t have to be a reply or anything, I just thought that it would be nice to tell you that. ^ ^

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