love = …

♥ Mr. Kallisti buying me a PS2 just so I could play Katamari Damacy. So, now I am playing it all day while sick.
♥ A big tall Powerpuff Girls coffee mug filled with tea (2 bags peppermint, 1 bag valerian root), 2 slices lemon, tablespoon full of apple cinnamon syrup sent from Gramma in Kansas = happy throat!
♥ Mr. Kallisti buying me crates of sick supplies, including a gallon of sugar free pistachio ice cream that ROCKS.
♥ St. Trinian.
♥ Imai outfit from Aimee. Yay, I helped her go to Japan. Yay!
♥ my very naughty kitten. naughty!
…um, I know there’s more.

4 thoughts on “love = …”

  1. Naaaaaa
    Katamari Damacyyyyyy
    SO glad you have this excellent excellent game! Have not been singing it non-stop? I NEED the soundtrack for my car >__<
    Hope you’re feeling better and kitty stops going insane (mine go insane about 1-2 times a week, last night was insanity bout #2)

  2. Hi, I know this is compleeetely off-topic, but I love you Hypermaniac Ksy!! You did such an amazing job with her – she looks alive! I was wondering, where did you purchase her (well, her head I guess! :P) Was it from YJ? If so, what did you search under to find it? I find it so difficult to search for anything other than “dollfie” there! Thanks!!! (If I ever do get a Ksy, do you do faceup commisions?)

  3. Katamari Damashi is a phenomenal game- I enjoy the meglomaniacal aspect of rolling up everything in my path, and just makes me cackle with glee…
    Your pictures you have on here of your dolls are jaw-dropping.. just amazing.

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