Shannon called at 9am this morning, and told me junior was getting a bath but he was ready to be picked up. He was still quite traumatized from his morning deluge when we showed up, but he was nearly dry if still shivering from nervousness. After a brief visit, we plopped him and his big carrier in the back seat of the festiva. He poo’d six times between Oakland and El Cerrito, and when we got him inside, he was nestled down in his mini cat box and absolutely encrusted with kitten poo. Right back into the tub with you, little man!
We closed the doors so the bathroom and bedroom can be his playground til we get his leukemia tests done. He’s so mellow! Very loving, despite the trauma. He’s snuggly and gives kisses and cleaned half my arm with his papery tongue.
Please forgive all the kitten pictures. He’s got the prettiest coloring, blue point and orange tabby both, but pale and creamy. And ice blue eyes!

Click below for kitten movie 🙂

Clicky here for 1.4meg moobie

4 thoughts on “love.”

  1. Awwww >_< He’s precious (can’t wait to see the movie when I get home)
    You do realize, he’s perfectly color co-ordinated with your place right?

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