Losing my patience

“It was a dark day for Darwin when Dover, Pa., became the first school district in the country to mandate the teaching of “intelligent design,” which challenges the theory that man descended from apes. School board members Carol and Jeff Brown resigned in opposition to the decision.”


“Although public schools have been teaching evolution for decades, a national Gallup poll in November 2004 showed that only 35 percent of those asked believed confidently that Darwin’s theory was “supported by the evidence.” More than one-third of those polled by CBS News later in November said creationism should be taught instead of evolution.”

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I give up. Give up!
Ya know, there are some very good reasons why our forefathers wrote the seperation between church and state into the Constitution. Mainly to keep the country from being controlled by a bunch of nutjobs, and to keep the nutjobs from controlling how the rest of us choose to live our lives. I can’t believe so many people here are actively seeking a theocracy.
Believe what you want, I’m all over that. I sometimes think faith (of all kinds) is a miraculous thing to have.
But this puritan revolution is really starting to get on my nerves. I don’t know what to do. The area I live in is SO NOT THAT, that activism is just preaching to the choir.
More of us hippies need to move to Arkansas and, er… PENNSYLVANIA obviously. And have hippy babies.
I envision something like an Islamic state except with more consumerism, booze, and trucker hats. Ya know what, all ya’ll need to go out and found yer own state, AND GIT YER HANDS OFF OF MINE.

3 thoughts on “Losing my patience”

  1. I agree to a point… But it think both sides should be taught, not just one… I’m somewhat religious, but not so much so that it’s my way or nothing. I think being taught both in schools could open up an interesting discussion. I believe in both, in that, the universe was created by a higher power THROUGH evolution.
    Also, (and I may just be throwing gas on the fire ^^;) but the constitution doesn’t have the seperation of church and state per say, it’s more like, the government can’t force all to go/believe in a church/religion.
    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion (as in nobody is forceing you go to church/believe in a god), OR prohibiting the free exercise thereof (meaning nobody can stop you from expressing your beliefs)
    If BOTH are taught in school, I see no problem.. you choose to believe in what you want. I’m more with that Thompson guy… “The decision was “supportive of academic freedom more than anything else, ” and I agree.

  2. If people want to teach mandatory classes about religion in public schools, fine, but ALL major religions must be covered without bias. They can’t just force everyone to come every day to hear the word of God or else they don’t pass.

  3. I’ve been saying it for years: California should secede. We’re something like the fifth largest economy in the world –We’d be fine! I only wonder… How hard would the rest of the union fight to keep us? 😉

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