Liz is ok!

I’m still crying with relief. Bat just called, she only had like a minute on the phone with Liz.
She’s in Baton Rouge. She walked out of the city, presumably with friends, with her cats and luggage in a grocery cart.
She walked all the way to Baton Rouge, which is about 80 miles. All she said was that it was awful.
She’s going to Houston, her job is going to take care of her until she figures out what to do. I’m sure we’ll hear from her very soon with more details once she can communicate.
She said she was interviewed for Dateline for tonight, so I’ll watch and tape if she is.
I’m so devastated and happy. Still no word on Michele…
edit: OMG, the trauma of just thinking about is breaking my heart and yet I’m so proud of her, so in awe. I can’t stop crying.

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  1. I was just watching Dateline and think I saw your friend Liz on there. The girl on tv (perhaps your friend Liz) called her father from the reporter’s cell phone. Glad she’s okay. Hope everyone else is! Hang in there.

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